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You may be wondering what Gub Gub's is up to popping in to another location. We just couldn't wait for construction to be finished at 629 Main St, so we decided to hang out with you at the

Walsenburg Mercantile with our soft serve express in the meantime. We hope you'll stop by for a hello, and to check out our scrumptious snacks and good vibes.


Gub Gub’s works beyond a typical business model  in order to feed inspiration and novelty in an incredible town. We at Gub Gub’s believe there to be a sincere responsibility in creating a thriving business that puts Walsenburg back on the map not only as a pit stop, but as a destination. Our perpetual obligation will be to generate a hub for the community that provides a creative and interesting space for folks from all walks of life, as well as provide space for the arts and cultures of our area to showcase and flourish.

We are here to continue growing our town by generating business and creating another vibrant spot on our main street, as well as provide more opportunity for the people who live here. Through initiatives like a rigorous employee training program, our scholarship program, and our partnerships with Greenhouse Scholars, Daniels Fund, and Minds Matter Colorado, we are committed to serving our community by providing economic growth, tools and resources for everyone here to thrive.

Being at the Walsenburg Mercantile, our primary goal is to build community, and ensure we hear from those around us while we try our product out to ensure we are giving Walsenburg everything our community wants and needs.



To start, the short term vision is to provide our express ice cream services at the Walsenburg Mercantile. Next year, we'll be headed to our old-gas-station-turned-restaurant to sling NY inspired pizza, local cocktails and beer, more soft serve, and as much novelty and fun as we can. Our plaza will host arts and cultures across the region, with local artists painting murals, dancers and musicians taking our stage, and locals and travelers alike stopping in for a game of cornhole on the patio, a cold beer and a slice of pizza.  We can't wait to partner with students in the community as well to use our resources to help on the path to college, trade school, and overall post secondary achievement. We hope you will follow our story and watch us grow as we navigate through our journey.

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